Sculpting Gel

Sculpt, shape and reinforce your nails with our 4D Sculpting Gel and Cool Sculpting Gel…



$24.00 excl.TAX

missu: Make it super simple to use

Designed by nail artists, created for nail artists like you, missu Sculpting Gel makes shaping nails easy for you. Apply it to natural nails, nail tips or your gel extension to get the desired nail shapes or forms. We have two different types of sculpting gel available:

4D Sculpting Gel – hard gel that feels like acrylic
Cool Sculpting Gel – special non heat formula

Builder gel, structure gel, hard gel

Our high quality sculpting Gel guarantees long lasting finishes and no discomfort while curing. It also has the perfect consistency for you to model the desired shape and texture, so you can create more flexible and resilient nails.

LED and UV curable, can be soaked off. 


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