Two-Tone Coloured Crystals – Light Pink

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Two-Tone Coloured Crystal Pot

You will receive x1 pot of mixed shaped two-tone crystals (approx 11 crystals per pot)

Want statement nails? Then you'll need our mixed crystal pots for yourself or your clients.

These nail charms are easy to apply on both natural or false nails. For easy application use a crystal picker or tweezers as it can get a little fiddly. Use Jewellery Gel to adhere the charms onto the nail. To keep the charms in perfect condition apply clear top coat so it maintains the colour for a long time.

Our Two-Tone Coloured Crystals are perfect to add extra bling to nail art to make endless possibilities for anything from minimalist to dramatic nail art and everything in between. Great for any nail artist as well as suitable for facial makeup or DIY crafts decoration on cell phone cases, shoes, clothes, guitars, tablets, scrapbooking etc.

How to use:

  1. First prep the nails by shaping and push the cuticles back.
  2. Apply gel or acrylic nails following the correct steps.
  3. Pick up a small amount of Jewellery Gel and apply it onto the areas you want to attach nail charms or crystals.
  4. Place the nail charms or crystals onto the nail
  5. Cure 45-60 seconds under LED/UV lamp
  6. Apply non-wipe top coat and cure.

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Please note that crystal pots are pre packed and cannot be returned, swapped or exchanged if the number of crystals in each pot differs. 


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