missu Nail Art Brushes

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Missu Nail Art Brushes

The Missu Nail Art Brushes has been specifically designed for nail artists to create effortless nail art with the range of brushes we offer. We have 8 different types of brushes for you to choose from ranging from detailed brushes to Acrylic brushes, there is definitely a brush here you will need. Make sure you clean the brush with Gel Brush Cleaner every time when you're finished with it and put the lid back on (incase the sun cures the gel on your brush) to keep it in good condition. All our brushes are handmade with a unique Japanese ribbon design inside the handle.

We also have other brushes such as:

  • Gel Brush - Used for applying gel polish onto the nails.
  • Detail Brush - Used for drawing nail art onto the nails with a thin and short brush.
  • Extra Fine Detail Brush - Used to drawing delicate and detailed nail art designs with a thinner and longer brush.
  • 3D Acrylic Brush - Used for acrylic 3D and nail art designs with a smaller brush design.
  • Size 8 Acrylic Brush - Used for applying acrylic to the nails.
  • Petal Brush - Used for drawing flowers designs.
  • Marble Brush - Used for marble nail art design to blend to gel polish or marble ink.
  • Ombré Brush - Used for blending 2 colours together.

Please note that the brush is handmade so each brushes may be slightly different. You will also have to make sure that the brush handle is free from any liquid such acrylic liquid and acetone as it can damages it.

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Detail Brush, Extra Fine Detail Brush, 3D Acrylic Brush, Size 8 Acrylic Brush, Gel Brush, Petal Brush, Marble Brush


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