Flexi Press Tips are designed to cover the full nail, leaving you with a quick, professional nail enhancement. Each box contains 30 sets of 12 sizes, and are designed for making 20-25 sets of nails.


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Half Buffed Flexi Press Tips

Half Buffed Flexi Press Tips, these tips are designed to cover the full nail, leaving you with a quick, professional nail enhancement. Each box contains 360 tips with 12 sizes, and are designed so that you can save time buffing, as it is already done for you!

What are Flexi Press Tips?

missu Flexi Press Tips are a new nail enhancement system that uses our gel products to bond a full ready shaped nail tip to the natural nail. The press on nails tips are made of special ABS material which are super flexible and kind to the natural nails. This enhancement can last up to 4 weeks, and can also be infilled or soaked off.

Why choose missu Flexi Press Tips?
Cost effective

The cost of a set of Flexi Press Tip nail enhancement is less than $1. Plus, you will be working much faster, which means more appointments, shorter working hours and more turnover.

Quicker, easier

Finally, there is shortcut in life that’s worth taking.

Flexi press tips is designed for ease of use – you can pick it up in no time, and it’s also super easy to use on short or bitten nails. The press on nails allow you to speed your job up dramatically so you can achieve perfect shapes for all 10 nails instantly.

Natural looking nails, long lasting result

Flexi Press Tips are designed to be a time saver.

  • No more nasty smells
  • No more acrylic allergic reactions
  • Can be infilled or soaked off.


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Half Buffed Almond, Half Buffed Short Round, Half Buffed Small Stiletto, Half Buffed Square, Half Buffed Natural Coffin


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