Nail Art Gel

A variety of Pro, Blooming, Foil Transfer & Jewellery Gel – designed for easy creation of professional nail art…



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missu: Make it super simple to use

Formulated by our team of nail art specialists, all our Nail Art Gel products guarantee quality and ease of use. From Blooming gel to Foil Transfer Gel to Jewellery Gel, we have everything you need to create those stunning nail art designs.

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The perfect gel product for creating finer details…

missu is Making It Super Simple to Use! Developed by our team of nail artists, we know the exact product you need when it comes to drawing nail art. Our Pro Gel is highly pigmented and have just the right consistency and smoothness for you to create any nail art designs. Also comes with a handy brush for precise drawings on your nails.

Get inspired

We have tonnes of video tutorials and nail art designs available to get you started. Give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram to share your ideas with us.

And of course, we have all the products and tools you need to create any nail art designs. Check them out.